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JGRMX Team Manager Jeremy 'J-Bone' Albrecht was in town last week from California buying a house for his family. We caught up with the multi-time championship tuner and got his read on his new role.

Jeremy "J-bone" Albrecht On JGRMX


Jul 25, 2007








We’re getting going here at JGR – tell us your feelings… 

JA: I feel like it is going to be a lot of fun.  It is going to be cool to know what I know in our sport – been doing it for 17 years – and I have had a couple of dinners with some of the guys who have been in NASCAR - already I have learned some new ideas so it is kind of nice to think outside of the box.  I have done the same thing and been around people who have done the same thing so it is pretty exciting to be around people who have a different look at racing.  To see what they have done growing this (JGR) from 18 people to 430 people – you never know – our team could be the exact same and I am just proud to be part of it from the beginning and pick the staff that I feel will take us to the next level.  That has been fun for me – working with a good company like Yamaha and the staff I am going to pick – it is going to be great to get a relationship going with all of us and see where it goes.


You obviously bring a wealth of experience.  Joe Gibbs Racing brings a wealth of experience in terms of winning, support, and technology – it might be a rough road in the beginning – do you think so?


JA: Racing - even if you have everything lined up it can be rough.  I worked with James Stewart – there were times that it was great and times that it was tough.  You never know how it is going to go.  Racing is racing and we will have everything lined up – doing everything the best we can and you never know – could be perfect – could be some hick-ups here and there – but as far as the technology the NASCAR team is going to help us with and all the engineers they have – there are a lot of things that are going to help us be ahead of any other team for sure starting out.  So I feel good coming here.  Not worried about the team and where the money is coming from.  Hey – it’s not like this is a real rinky-dink deal that is just starting out.  I mean I feel really good about it and I don’t think it is going to be that rough starting out.  Obviously anything starting there are a lot of things we are all going to have to do.  I mean I might load the semi trailer – we will all do what we have to do to chip in.  That is a really exciting part too – we are all going to be part of it together.


Joe Gibbs’ philosophy is you, “win with people.”  What kind of people are you looking for to bring onto your team?


JA: I agree with Joe Gibbs that you win with people.  For me that is the way I feel as well – all of the success I have had is because of the people that have been around me.  For me I am trying to hire people that I’ve met through my racing that are the best at everything – there’s people that are probably better in some areas but they might not have the personality or be even tempered.  For me I am going to hire people who have the right personality and can do the work.  I’m looking at it differently then just a resume.  I’m hiring it off of also how everybody is going to get along too.  A team that gets along together will also win together.  That’s my plan.


You are going to be working with Coy and for Coy – how did he make this job so attractive to have you move across the country?


JA: When I met Coy I was really impressed.  Actually with the whole Gibbs family – J.D. and Joe as well.  I mean I feel like I can talk to them as a friend.  It’s not like you are intimidated and they treat you like you are lower then them.  I was impressed just how they are for how successful they are – how they act and they make it really easy to fit in.  I am just excited to be part of something that Coy has a vision in and I am going to help him achieve.  I like how he thinks different.  And – we are going to do things a lot different then I have done in the past – but I’m all for it.  I’m going to learn a lot as well and hopefully I can bring what I know from our sport and we can merge it together.  It’s going to be really cool.  I just like that he is an easy going guy and one of us. 



Thanks Jeremy - good luck this year.


JA: Thanks!