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The Alli Show debuted Saturday, October 10 featuring Josh Grant. Watch the full episode here now.

The Alli Show Debuts with Josh Grant


Oct 6, 2009








Watch the premier episode here: http://www.racerxonline.com/article/the-alli-show-episode-1-motocross-with-josh-grant.aspx 

The original press release follows.

For Immediate Release 

For further information:
Alli, Alliance of Action Sports
Nicole Mancuso: 630-908-6308
Katie Trotsky: 630-908-6343
Lauren Bogema: 630-908-6347
OCTOBER 10th at 11PM EST
Seven-Episode Series Will Feature a Look into Lives of Action Sports Athletes
Burr Ridge, Ill. – October 6, 2009 – Alli, the Alliance of Action Sports™, today announced that the first
episode of the newly created The Alli Show will premiere on MTV2, Saturday, October 10 at 11:00 p.m.
The Alli Show is a portrait of each of the six sports included in the Alliance (skate, BMX, moto, wake,
freeski and snowboard) as told by the athletes at the center of their respective sports. Featuring athletes
who are making a name for themselves through their competitions, videos and editorials, The Alli Show
also showcases each athlete’s lifestyle and personality.
VBS, VICE Media’s broadband television network, produced the series and spent months traveling the
country getting in-depth interviews and behind-the-scenes footage of some of the world’s most
remarkable athletes. The first episode of The Alli Show will debut on MTV2 on October 10, with the six
remaining shows following each Saturday at 11:00 p.m. EST.
Below is a synopsis of each episode of The Alli Show (All times are EST):
·         Moto: featuring Josh Grant
The debut episode of The Alli Show follows Josh Grant – a member of the Joe Gibbs racing team –
who is in contention for the Motocross National Championship. We join him mid-season as he travels
to California to prepare for the X Games and ride with fellow Metal Mulisha riders Todd Potter and
Ronnie Faisst at Brian Deegan’s compound. Soon after, an injury sustained while competing at X
Games threatens his season, and we follow Grant as he copes with rehab and the prospect of
competing with his injuries.
Airdate: October 10 at 11pm on MTV2
·         Freeski: featuring Tom Wallisch
Originally an underground skier, Tom Wallisch just completed his breakout rookie season. In the
2008-09 season, Wallisch went from being a beloved online skier to one of the biggest names in the
sport. The Alli Show joins him and his group of friends at Wallisch’s home in Salt Lake City, giving a
glimpse into his life of partying and hanging out in the off-season. Wallisch then heads up to Mt.
Hood, Ore., the center of the summer ski scene, joining Simon Dumont and TJ Schiller to compete
and train as the trio continues to push the progression of freeskiing.
Airdate: October 17 at 11pm on MTV2
·         Skate: featuring Alex Perelson, Zach Miller, Adam Taylor and Josh Stafford
The same names have been at the top of vert skateboarding for the past several years, but recently,
vert has been infused with a group of young guys from Encinitas quickly becoming known as the
future of the sport. These four skaters want to show they are not only the next generation of contest
skaters but can tackle concrete bowls and parks as well. The Alli Show follows them around their
hometown of Encinitas, taking a look the current state of vert skating, then traveling with the quartet
of friends to the best concrete park in the world – the Black Pearl in the Cayman Islands.
Airdate: October 24 at 11pm on MTV2
·          Wake: featuring Nick Taylor
Nick Taylor is at the forefront of a new group of wakeskaters who are taking the sport to entirely new
places – from style to tricks as well as to new, urban locations with the use of a winch. The Alli Show
meets up with him and two young wakeskaters, Adam Arrington and Eddie Valdez, in Nick’s adopted
home of Carlsbad, Calif. They discuss how the sport is changing, how they are influenced by
skateboarding and other board sports, and how they are working to change the mentality of their own
sport. Taylor then takes The Alli Show with him as he meets up with Ben Horan and others in Texas
for the Nike 6.0 video shoot, giving an inside look into the process of filming and what non-traditional
wakeskating is all about.
Airdate: October 31 at 11pm on MTV2
·         BMX: featuring Garrett Reynolds
Dominating competition after competition as well as producing killer video parts and photos all the
while, Garrett Reynolds has influenced both the sport and the style of BMX in the past year. The Alli
Show joins Reynolds in his hometown in New Jersey in the midst of a summer where he has taken
the lead in the Dew Tour standings and won two NORA Cups as well. He is home to ride and shoot
with friends including Kevin Kiraly, and The Alli Show follows him to his favorite spots around his
hometown, seeing where he got started. The pair then goes to one of his favorite spots to ride,
Philadelphia, getting a glimpse of what street riding and filming are like, all while learning what
inspires Reynolds to ride.
Airdate: November 7 at 11pm on MTV2
·         Snowboard: featuring Danny Davis, Kevin Pearce, Scotty Lago, Mason Aguirre, Keir Dillon, Luke
Mitrani and Jack Mitrani
Made up of seven best friends who are some of the most progressive riders in the world, the Frends
Crew is always at the top at competitions – but nevertheless make friendship and fun its top priority.
Entering an Olympic year, the Frends Crew is trying to balance a schedule that includes training for
the Olympics, battling injuries and obligations and learning how to create a legitimate business out of
what was originally just a funny website. But even with all the pressure, the Frends know that
friendship, having fun and laughter are most important.
Airdate: November 14 at 11pm on MTV2
·         Ams: featuring Chaz Ortiz and Gatorade Free Flow Tour amateurs
This episode is a glimpse into what its like to be an up-and-coming skater in today’s world. It follows
two different groups of amateur skateboarders as they compete at local stops of the Gatorade Free
Flow Tour and then prepare for and compete in the Finals. The Alli Show first joins Sammy
Schoonderwoerd and Zane Timpson, two young vert skaters who live in Encinitas and have grown
up skating with all the major vert pros. Also featured are Jack Olson and his friend Corey Millett, two
street skaters from Minneapolis. The Alli Show watches as both pairs travel to Salt Lake City, where
it’s everyone’s first time in the Finals except for Olson, who competed last year as well. Watch as
they deal with the nerves, excitement, and fun of the Finals, and as Olson’s prior experience pays off
and he comes away with the overall skate park win. Fifteen-year-old Chaz Ortiz, former Gatorade
Free Flow Tour champion and 2008 Dew Cup winner, also weighs in, giving perspective on what his
life has become since winning the amateur series two years ago and cheering on his friend Olson as
he competes this year.
Airdate: November 21 at 11pm on MTV2
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Alli, the Alliance of Action Sports
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